Scenes Of Use And Precautions For Excavator

KOMATSU excavator

1. Excavator scene of use

 1、Earthwork: Excavators can be used for earth development,ground leveling,roadbed excavation,pit backfilling and other jobs. Earth construction conditions are complex, and most of them are open-air work,affected by climate,hydrology,geology,and difficult to determine a lot of factors,which greatly improves the efficiency of excavator.

2、Mining engineering: Mining requires blasting,digging,rock cleaning and other operations,excavators can help miners quickly dig out the ore,clean up the slag,to ensure the mine’s production efficiency.

3、Tunnel construction: Excavators are used in tunnels to help with activity such as excavator,rock-cutting and concrete pouring and can solve many challenges due to their flexibility and efficiency.

4、Construction site: Excavator for construction sites is also an essential equipment. It can help digging sewers,lowing foundation and planting plants at construction sites,etc.

5、Water conservancy projects: Excavator can be used for water conservancy projects such as dredging,sediment excavation and other major tasks, also has a wide range of roles in flood control and reservoir dam construction

2. Matters need attention

1、The operator of a excavator needs to be professionally trained and licensed,can not operate it without authorization.

2、Operators need to carefully judge job site conditions and rationally plan the scope of work to prevent the risk of excavation interruption.

3、Appropriate environmental protection measures need to be considered to mitigate the impact on the environment when carrying out excavator operations.

4、The use of excavators requires frequent maintenance and inspection of all parts of the machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3. How to choose the right model of excavator

1、Choosing the right brand. Choose a reputable brand to ensure stable quality and performance,and consider the brand’s after-sales service and user ratings.

2、Consider working conditions. This includes the working environment and working hours,etc. For example, in hard or difficult terrain, a larger excavator may be more necessary, and for high-intensity work, an excavator with a higher load-bearing capacity should also be selected.

3、Consider the volume of excavation. According to the volume of excavation to choose the right model of excavator, different excavators have different production capacity.

4、Consider the size and tonnage of the excavator. Select the appropriate size and tonnage of excavator based on the size of the project and the depth of excavation required, from small excavators for confined sites and light soil excavation, to medium excavators for earthmoving and roadbed construction, to large excavators for mining and heavy construction.


Post time: Apr-01-2024