Excavators Often Drop Tracks?This Article Help You Out.

As we know,excavator can be categorized into track excavators and wheeled excavators according to the mode of travel. This article introduces the derailment reasons and assemble tips for tracks.

p1 1. Reasons for track chain derailment

1.  Due to the excavator parts machining or assembly problems,the main parts bear a large load when working, and it is easy to wear after using for a long time

2.  Tensioning cylinder failure causes the tracks to be too loose

3.  Improperly adjusted between idler and bracket

4.  Walking on rocks for a long time causes uneven force,broken track pins and worn chains

5.  Foreign objects between the idler and the track frame,improper walking operation and uneven force on the track leading to breakage.


2. Excavator track assemble instructional video


3. Excavator track chain assembly tips

Excavator often have track shoes fall off during operation,especially machines that have been driven for a long time. Drivers who are not experienced enough often have no countermeasures,then how to assemble the chain after falling off?ow to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon


Pre-assembly work

1.  Inform the builder that there is a problem with walking and that the work needs to be stopped to deal with it

2.  Judge the environment around the machine,after the track off,try to choose a hard site,track around the dirt or other obstacles by bucket to maintain a certain range of rotation and walking

3.  Determining the extent of track shedding,in case of shedding due to breakage or other malfunctions,repair personnel should be notified to take care of it. Check if there is lots of sand trapped in the tracks, there is a need to deal with it in time. Most of the tracks come off because of too much debris in the track unit,which comes off during steering operations, especially on machines in poor condition with large gaps in the track links out of wear,which are more likely to come off.

4.  Remove the track grease nipple by wrench,use the excavator bucket to prop up the side where the track falls off,turn the track,the grease squeezes out,and the sprocket retract.

Methods of assembling tracks

program : Turn the pins of chain to the end of middle height of the ends and knock it out,tracks can be laid out flat and in a single file,with the excavator walking one way to the top of the tracks

program : At this point,we need a crowbar to guide track shoes into position. From the sprocket assembly,with an crowbar place under the track,supporting the machine to rotate the track,but also need a person in the cab to manipulate the excavator,lifting the track at the same time to turn the track forward. Through the top roller to the position of idler,you can place an object at the idler,and the two sides of track for docking,assembling a pin shaft can be done.


4. Excavator track adjustment considerations

Excavator in the use of the process need to pay attention to the different construction land according to the differences in the track tension adjustment,which can extend the service life of the excavator!


1. While at the pebble strewn site

method: the tracks need to be adjusted loosely

advantage: avoid bending of track shoe

2. When the soil is soft

method: the tracks need to be adjusted loosely

advantage: prevents abnormal pressure exerted on the chain links due to soil adhesion

3. When working on firm and flat surface

method: the tracks need to be adjusted tighter

advantage: avoid damage to the rack

4. Over-tightened track adjustment

If the tracks are too tight,there will be a decrease in travel speed and travel power. This will not only lead to decrease in construction efficiency,but also cause abnormal wear due to excessive friction.

5. The tracks are adjusted too loosely.

Track slack hitching on the carrier roller and sprocket causes more damage. And when loose tracks sag too much ,damage to the frame may occur. In this way,even reinforced may occur. In this way,even reinforced parts can lead to unexpected failures if they are not properly adjusted.


Post time: Sep-29-2023